Our Goal

At Metals and Rocks, we want to change the jewelry buying experience. We want you to feel like family when you’re visiting or discussing your particular needs via phone or email. We strive to make sure that we design and create the most exquisite and impeccable jewelry for our customers in order to establish a life long relationship with each and every single customer. We take pride in every single piece we produce by continually challenging our jewelers, diamond setters, and cad designers to look beyond their skills and find innovative ways to enhance existing means and methods.

To witness that we invite you to visit Metals and Rocks. Call us to schedule an appointment at (213) 628-3298

Alex and Roy, the creators of Metals and Rocks, found the perfect bond of manufacturing experience and wholesale diamond sales experience and joined forces to bring nothing but the best product and service to you.

They have over 45 years experience combined and cover almost every aspect of making and selling jewelry between them including diamond cutting, wax carving, bench jewelry work, setting, polishing, and everything in between. This hands on experience allows them to see what others may miss and make sure that every single step was taken to ensure that they deliver the best possible finished piece of jewelry to you. When they are providing a center stone, they can see beyond the “paper” and recommend the best diamond at the best price for your particular style and needs.

Why Buy From Us

When you enter a traditional jewelry store you will see beautiful fully stocked showcases, polished floors, security and very nicely dressed employees that will try their best to make a sale. These are all very expensive and all of these costs are being covered by YOU, the customer. The fully stocked showcases may also actually limit your buying choices since they will try to sell from their existing inventory. If you are shopping for a 2.00 carat round for example, they may have 3 options available and ask you to choose the one you like the best.

At Metals and Rocks we keep our overhead very low and pass the savings on to you. We search the entire wholesale market in order to find the perfect stone for you which opens many more options. Only the best diamonds that fit your needs will be recommended after we have thoroughly examined them. We realize the significance of your purchase as most women will look at that ring on her finger OVER A MILLION TIMES in her lifetime. We want to make sure that she will love what she sees every time!


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643 S Olive St. Suite #421
Los Angeles, CA 90014

P: 213-628-3298

By appointment only!